We carry a wide array of Redken haircare and styling products, as well as Redken's Shades EQ. Redken approaches hair care as a science, and is dedicated to creating products that are scientifically backed to do what they promise.

Our favorites include: Rough Paste, Guts, Triple Take, Full Frame, Color Magnetics and High Rise.

Fun fact: Paula Kent founded Redken after developing a shampoo for her sensitive hair, wanting to create a brand that was accessible to all hairtypes.


Pureology is our go-to brand for color treated hair. Each line is formulated to help with a specific haircare concern, from strengthening, to smoothing, to hydrating. All Pureology products are color-safe, and have no sulfates.

Our favorites include: Perfect 4 Platinum, Smooth Perfection, Hydrate,  and Strength Cure lines.

Fun Fact: Pureology is a vegan brand. High-quality and cruelty-free; what a great combo.


A German-brand passionate about color, Schwartzkopf is our go to brand for color. Their color lines are developed by colorists for colorists, and are capable of covering 100% white hair. We also carry their blonding line, capable of producing beautiful, bright blondes.

Our favorites include: whichever color is best suited to give you your ideal look!

Fun Fact: The brand is over 100 years old, and holds over 7600 patents for various hair color formulas.


Our Moroccanoil products are favorites of our clients with curly or moisture-seeking hair. All of their products use argan oil to provide natural, smoothing hydration without being heavy.

Our favorites include: Curl Cream, Frizz Spray, Treatment Oil and Treatment Oil Light.

Fun Fact: The argan oil used in Moroccanoil is ethically sourced from Morocco. Get it? Moroccan-oil.

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell is our go-to brand for high quality, affordable hair care and styling products.

Our favorites include: Tea tree shampoos and conditioner, Awapuhi lines.

Fun Fact: Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi comes from a self-sustaining, solar powered farm in Hawaii. Now when you use the line, you can picture yourself on a beautiful island!

Global Keratin

Global Keratin is the premium keratin smoothing treatment system. This frizz banishing system has quickly made a name for itself in the hair world since it's founding in 2007.

Our favorites include: GK Shampoo and Conditioner with Juvexin, GK Serum.

Fun Fact: Juvexin is ethically-derived from sheep wool, and is delivered to the hair in it's natural state! It is key in helping the keratin treatment last in your hair.