Haircuts include a consultation, wash, cut and style.

   New Talent      $35
   Level 1            $37
   Level 2            $39
   Level 3            $43
   Level 4            $49
   Level 5            $55
   Level 6            $59



The prices below are starting prices and can go up depending on hair thickness and texture.

 Chin Length                 $225
 Top of Shoulders         $250
 Middle of Shoulders    $300
 Bottom of Shoulders   $350


Blow Outs

Blow Outs include a consulation, wash and styling.

  New Talent       $26
  Level 1             $29
  Level 2             $32
  Level 3             $35
  Level 4             $37
  Level 5             $41
  Level 6             $45


Updos & Special Occasions

The prices below are starting prices. For more information about booking parties, please visit our wedding page.

      Updo                               $67
      Updo Trial*                     $59
      Bridal Updo                     $89
      Special Occasion Curls   $67

*updo trial is required for brides



Below is a list of the color services offered. All new color clients must schedule a complimentary 15-minute consulation prior to booking. Prices are available after consulation only.

All-Over Color
Re-Growth Touch-Ups
Foils (Highlights & Lowlights)
Double Process Blonding
Creative Color
Corrective Color


Makeup includes foundation, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. False lashes are an additional cost.

Every-Day Makeup                    $37       
Makeup for Brides                    $79
Makeup for Bridal Parties        $55
Makeup Trial (recommended)   $49