Stylist Level 2


Cassie graduated from Springfield Technical Community College Cosmetology Program in May of 2015. Her interest in cosmetology emerged in a unique and unanticipated way, leading to a passion that would inevitably determine her future career path. In the summer of 2012, she stepped out of her comfort zone and traveled 10,000 miles to a small, impoverished town on the East Coast of Vietnam. Her purpose was to serve in an orphanage, and bring joy into children's lives through teaching dance. Understanding that every little girl desires to feel beautiful, she packed multiple hair ties, clips, brushes and other hair accessories to present to the girls as gifts. In preparation, she watched hair tutorials on a daily basis. She became genuinely excited to try new hairstyles on these children. Little did she know what level of pure and wholesome joy this would bring, not only to those precious little girls, but also to her.

Upon her return home, she began to practice on friends and family.The more she practiced, the more she enjoyed it and developed a passion and excitement for a career in the field of cosmetology. Since then, Cassie has attended an advanced color class by Redken, participated in a blow dry boot camp and won 1st place in the David Whitman up-do competition.

Cassie looks forward to creating new styles and looks for her clients every day and can't wait to see you!