Associate Program

The Associate Program at Changes Salon is founded on a commitment to continuing education. We believe that the learning process never ends and that there are always new opportunities for growth. Part of the Summit Salon family, we are a salon of "Top 20" stylists. This is based on the 80/20 golden rule, which states that the top 20% of industry stylists are retaining 80% of the clientele and selling 80% of the retail, therefore taking in 80% of the income to be made in the salon industry. The ideal candidate is licensed (or about to be licensed), and a motivated self-starter who is eager to learn and refine their styling techniques.

Associates will train under owners Steven and Edward, learning by shadowing them one-on-one on a daily basis. A weekly slot will be provided to Associates during which they are encouraged to bring in clients of their own, for more hands-on training. Additional training opportunities include private salon classes with various cosmetology industry experts as well as Summit Salon training seminars. The program typically runs between six months to one year, after which the Associate will be invited to be a salon stylist.

Interested? Fill out the online application below. Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview. No phone calls please.

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